(Español) Expo Novias Centro Cultural Borges

(Español) Maison Minc Sisters expuso alguno de sus vestidos, en el Centro Cultural Borges para Casamientos Online

(Español) Maison Minc Sisters en Vogue Latinoamérica

(Español) Nota exclusiva para Vogue Latinoamérica

(Español) Couture Fashion Week

(Español) Maison Minc Sisters presentó parte de su ultima colección "Atlantis", en el Luxury Trends by Chicas Guapas en opening del Couture Fashion Week

(Español) Desfile Minc Sisters en revista Luz

(Español) Minc Sisters en Revista Viva Clarin

(Español) Griselda Siciliani by Minc Sisters tapa revista Caras

(Español) Desfile Minc Sisters en Revista Chic Punta del Este

(Español) Minc Sisters en revista Gente

(Español) Maison Minc Sisters en Vogue Latinoamérica

(Español) Revista HOLA

HOLA magazine, interview Ivana Figueiras

We dress Ivana Figueiras, in an exclusive interview with her daughter Juana and her boyfriend Tomas Guarracino, for HELLO magazine on Casa Suaya, Punta del Este hotel.
After the shooting, it was the birthday of the Pampita model (Carolina Ardohain) dressed by Minc Sisters.
ANTS long dress,
dress CAMELIA.

Martu Botta blogger at the gala Eva Longoria

We dress the blogger Martu Botta (@chicasguapas) for the gala Eva Longoria and Ricky Martin in Miami Beach, Florida.
CAMELIA Minc Sisters dress.

Jimena Butilengo model, Volkswagen Garage Sound PDE

We dress up the recognized model, Jimena Buttilengo for the Volkswagen Garage Sound party in La Susana, Punta del Este.
GATSBY Minc Sisters dress.

Anushka Elliot’s new collection, in Jose Ignacio

witnessing the presentation of the new collection of Anushka Elliot, at her glamorous local in Jose Ignacio, Punta del Este. Excellent qualities, creativity and design. All very pretty!

Maria Cher event in Jose Ignacio, Punta del Este

The designer and entrepreneur Maria Cher, opened this summer Playa CHER . the grand opening was at kilometer 184 of Route 10 , in front of Laguna Escondida. The event was set to music by live DJs including DJ SRZ ( Soledad Rodriguez Zubieta ) . The event was attended by various figures, It Girls and socialites . The dress code was Off White for everyone.

Chanel 7, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Chanel 7- Interview by Patricia Fierro

We were interviewed by Patricia, and we spoke about our Recent Fashion Show, at La Posta del Cangrejo Hotel. We also had the chance to tell her how was growing up together. Thank you Patricia, we had a lot of fun!

Presentation Clé de Cartier Puerto Madero Faena Arts

We were at the presentation of the new Clé Cartier watch .
The brand seeks to impose a new icon, like the Tank, or Ballon Bleu.
Clé de Cartier is your new big bet. After centuries of new designs, Can be something to create ? ... What is different, attractive, than a simple extravagance, which support over time?
Cartier does not stop and that can be seen by observing the quality and perfection in its products.

Event Baron B – Où est le Baron … Ralph’s

attended the exclusive event in Ralph Baron B 's Bistro & Bar
ÁNGELA gold dress

New Year’s toast at the Mantra Hotel Casino & Spa, party Narbona Wine Lodge Punta del Este

We went to Mantra for the toast of New Year, along with more celebritys top of the moment.
Then we attended the party UNLOCK NIGHT in Narbona Wine Lodge to enjoy the beginning of the year with our friends and closest people .

Jaz dress ANGELS
Rochi dress MAGNOLIA

TE LO DIJE NENA - Blog. @telodijenena

Season Opening Bagatelle Summer 2016

"Sisters shoul be united... the #Rivero and their designs are too.... You should check Jazmin's shocking Back"

Trump Tower Punta del Este

Here at the opening of the Trump Tower party. We visited the modern sea view apartments. We had a great time, and we even closed the night with a ride con Dr. Pablo Bañares Cadillac!

(Español) Cartier en el Conrad Punta Del Este

Cartier Opening night at Conrad Hotel Punta del Este

Tonight Cartier was presenting the new collection of jewelry.

Nati Saal known blogger and fashionista

The well-known blogger and fashionista Nati Saal ( @natisaal @dobleadobleo ) dressed by Minc Sisters

Jackie blue dress cicadas
Robe natural silk FLORA
Pink set TOP GUN

Fashionista blogger Tini Goobar by Minc Sisters

The Tini Goobar ( @dobleadobleo ) blogger dressed by Minc Sisters

with dress BLACK STORM ,
ANTS shirt by Minc Sisters

C5N news- Fashion segment

C5N Chanel- Roberto Funes Journalist

Today Roberto, made us an interview while we were presenting "Fortune Teller"in Punta del Este , where he asked about our style, and got the chance to talk about our latest collection. He was really surprised to see our insects stamps, and the way we both coordinate our looks. THANK YOU ROBERTO! we had a great time!


Ivana Figueiras in CARAS Magazine

Ivana, is six month pregnant and has the most beautiful baby bump. She was spoted dressed by MINC SISTERS, at the VIP party at Negroni in Manantiales beach together with his international model boyfriend Tomi Guarracino.

Fashion TV

Asunción Fashion Week

We made a presentation of our "Fortune Teller" coleccion, inspired con her magic spirit. There we showed the a mash-up of hand made textures, insect stamps, a wide color palette, turbants, and noble fabrics.
Mainly long dresses and crop tops with matching pants, were the highlinghts of the show.

Miriam Lanzoni in the prizes Carlos Villa Carlos Paz

Miriam Lanzoni was a presenter at the event , delivering to different artists of the Carlos 2016 Awards ceremony that recognizes the best of the theater season in Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argentina.

The model Soledad Ainesa in Chandon party, Punta del Este

Soledad Ainesa Chandon attended the event in Punta Piedras, Manantiales, Punta del Este, dressed by Minc sisters.

INFOBAE, Buenos Aires


We were spotted by INFOBAE, for our style, at the opnening night of the french restorant Bagatelle! Thank you for the complement!

Jimena Buttilengo

The model Jimena Buttilengo , on different occasions and events, dressed by Minc Sisters .

1. PINK PANTHER and Robe LEAH, GENTE Magazine, Banco Macro Selecta, Cariló, Buenos Aires event.
2. set BERRY, production photos in Miami beach .
3. set ÁNGELA , NOTICIAS Magazine, party Citi Bank, Punta Piedras, Punta del Este.
4. GATSBY dress, Party Garage Volkswagen Sound, La Susana, Punta del Este.

EL PAIS - Uruguay

Short Interview for Tv Show, EL PAIS newspapper

We ere asked to tell our opinion on style and trends of this summer, at Punta del Este. We foscused on colorfull hats, and robbe style dresses...

(Español) Revista OhLaLa!

All trends Asuncion Fashion Week 2016

Minc Sisters, presented his collection entitled "Fortune Teller" inspired by the magical spirit and aesthetics of the witch, in a scenario of fair - circus. The collection shows the mash- up characteristic of the brand: mix of textures, own insect prints, colorful strident tones, the use of noble and natural fabrics. The nude and black tones are protagonists and are complemented by vibrant splashes of brightness and color. Prom dresses, tops, skirts and distinguished by hand embroidery, appliques and creative craft dyed trousers are a hallmark of the brand.

(Español) Priscila Prete

(Español) REVISTA VIVA. Nota by: María José Loss

Palermo circuit

"With a showroom which is open every Thursday in Palermo, the two sisters Rivero custom designed party dresses and wedding with unique genres brought from all over the world for its " boutique " Minc Sisters. They also have permanent collections coat rack be worn dresses and personalized attention - zados, by appointment at https : . . . // www facebook.com/mincsistersba "

(Español) Segui la moda- Junio 2014

MINC SISTERS: Other Rivero

Minc Sisters is a brand with style as their owners and designers. Rocio Rivero and Jasmine are young and talented entrepreneurs who a few years ago created their own brand. Outside the commercial circuit, what matters most is attention, play, show something different and are specialists in the field they like: the social. The proposal is to make your brand unique garments, custom and custom. They also have a rack of collections that renews itself permanently for those who want to take her dress, catsuit or shirt at the time.

“Minc Sisters is a brand with style as their owners and designers, Rocio and Jasmine Rivero... "”

Segui la moda